Stuart Rae

As MD of Nviron I have worked extensively with Ed as a key peer level contact in the Dell channel. Ed is approachable and willing to go the extra mile to ensure partners get the best from the vendor organisation. Ed has a particular skill in recognising situations that need to be escalated and ensuring the right steps are taken. I would not hesitate to recommend Ed to any organisation that needs to mobilise a channel based sales organisation and win the confidence of channel partners to achieve outstanding results.

Don Wales

Ed has worked for me in a management capacity for over a year now. When Ed came into the organization he was tasked with building a team to handle all of EMEA. His goal was large, difficult and wildly complex. Within the year Ed not only built a first class team, but was able to grow our EMEA business well beyond my expectations. Ed and his team now cover and manage a business that is growing and provided sustained revenue with an ever increasing outlook. Ed has done a tremendous job and I consider myself lucky to have such a top tier individual on my team. He is an asset that is valuable beyond measure.

Matthieu Dejardins

Ed was always very proactive and responsive to change business processes and to provide real solutions to partners (Master and VAR) in critical areas such as the one I managed (West Africa & French overseas). Despite a Top Management guided by short term view results (quarter), he has really improved with both with his determination and time our tools, in fine, the DELL General Service Standards.

Scotty Morgan

Ed is a thoroughly good bloke, he is honest and genuine, knows how to work in true partnership and I would recommend him with the highest regard.

Julian Panov

I worked closely with Ed during my time at EMEA Distribution Business of Dell. Ed has been instrumental in developing and implementing key business processes in services and particularly the Dell Authorised Service Provider (DASP) programme for partners in more than 90 countries. These initiatives facilitated the growth of the business at more than 40% yoy

Jon Raby

Ed is a highly skilled professional who takes great pride in doing a good job. He worked tirelessly with Avaya Business Partners & developed an excellent working relationship, which in turn made my overall job easier from a Tier III standpoint. Ed is reliable, hard working, flexible and the ultimate professional. Avaya made a mistake letting him leave as his skills will be hard to replace. Overall Ed is an excellent guy who I am glad to have worked with.

Karen Davis

Ed was a positive and energetic Team Player. He had a passion for excellent customer service, and often went above and beyond the call of duty to ease any customer pain. Excellent communicator and problem solver. Avaya will miss him and his innovative approach to any issue that was presented to him.

Barbara Brument

Ed is one of the best dedicated, intelligent, proactive services manager I have worked with. I have seen him building services with Dell partners in the most difficult regions emerging markets has. With only a notebook and his sense of "solutions doer", Ed has achieved tremendous workloads in all services implementation tasks. Part of his capability to put in place service plans and implement them, one of his best skills is team working. Ed is a brilliant team worker, as he make the difference...

Sigirjon Luthersson

Ed is a highly motivated individual with broad business skills, Ed was able to adapt very quickly to multiple programs within the Dell and deliver on all of them. His approach and skills allowed him to develop strong working relationships between diffrent teams within the company and with partner companies enabling more structured business processes and program delivery

Christophe Chastan

In our industry service is key. It can kill your P&L, destroy your customer satisfaction, supress your growth momentum. Service is a complex and very technical issue, with its own processes and ratios. Ed has been the one allowing me to drive such growth in my area's, implementing a real service strategy. He has the hability to express a complex process in a simple and self explanatory manneer. I will always remember the great time we spend together building our service models in emerging markets.

Andy Scopes

Ed worked as a senior member of my services teams at both Dell and Avaya. Ed is a highly capable, commercially astute channel partner manager and services sales lead. His success is based on an indepth understanding of service delivery operations and management from the vendor, channel and end user perspectives. He is articulate, highly personable, an excellent team player and is not afraid to take on and deal with difficult issues. I have no hesitation in recommending him and am happy to expand on this recommendation by email or on the phone.

Liam Halpin

I worked with Ed during 2011 and 2012 when we both served on the Dell UK Large Enterprise Senior Management Team. Ed is a dedicated professional, and a person you can trust when you want to be sure that important tasks will be completed in a systematic and precise way. His big expertise on diverse routes to market and his straight-to-problems way of thinking makes Ed view solutions instead of problems always with the customer and his business units interests in mind. I really enjoyed working with Ed and look forward to the opportunity to do so again at some stage.

Mark adams

Ed has continually proved himself as a great manager and a great leader full of honesty and integrity. As the figure head for the EMEA Cloud business, Ed is responsible for the success in transforming the EMEA team and the strategic direction of the company, ensuring consistent and sustainable growth across all regions for the Cloud division. Ed is inspirational to work with, providing guidance both professionally and personally to the team to aid in their career development, drawn from a wealth of knowledge and experience within the IT sector. All in all a great guy to work for.

Stephen Carbonara

Ed Owen is a passionate, enthusiastic and committed business leader. He has great business acumen, allowing him to lead a geographically dispersed sales team across global theaters while making significant business contributions. Those skills, combined with a motivational and encouraging people management style makes Ed a very effective leader. I work closely with Ed and I find him to be a valuable member of this leadership team. I depend on his keen decision making ability to deliver results and create successful business outcomes

Chiara Capacchione

I have been working with Ed for 2 years now at Zerto and I only have positive things to say about him. Most of us join companies for their culture and people - well Ed is definitely one of those people. Not only is he a passionate, enthusiastic and respected Leader, he is extremely knowledgeable and honest. My Marketing team worked hand in hand with his Cloud team across EMEA and not only built great relationships but collaborated to increase awareness of our Cloud offering. Ed dedicates himself to coaching and mentoring his team, bringing out the best in them. On a personal note, Ed knows how to balance hard work with having fun which makes him a great asset for any company.

Phil Doran

There is a lot I can say about working with Ed. All of it very positive. First and foremost, he is a very professional and highly ethical Sales Leader. Furthermore, he knows his stuff! Despite working in different divisions at Zerto, his business stream interacted with mine significantly. Together, we built g-t-m models for both divisions to deliver true DR, BC and cloud to cloud capabilities that saw us increase our revenue contribution and market contribution in the UK & EMEA through the last two years. As someone who focuses strongly on team and people development, I was always really impressed with the way Ed developed people in his team. He built a culture and environment of inclusion, buy-in and respect among his team. His team responded really well therefore and clearly felt motivated and supported to be the best they could be - an invariably, they were. That said, above all else Ed is just a really good guy to work alongside. He has a terrific sense of humour. Don't get me wrong, this guy works really hard - but makes sure it's fun whilst doing so.

Karen Woolnough

Ed leads an EMEA-wide business, of which he has a deep & detailed understanding. He plans & executes in such a way as to make it seem almost effortless – although this is probably more an indication of his ability & experience! I find Ed to be approachable, supportive, and very straightforward to work with – as are his team, which I believe also reflects strongly on Ed. He is very quick to achieve the perfect balance between the customers’ interests and the company’s interests, so that they evolve into mutually beneficial relationships. In summary, he is a pleasure to work with.

Gillian Reid

I am lucky enough to have been working with Ed for 2 years. Ed is a well respected leader who is not only held in high esteem by his own team but also other teams in the organisation. Ed is always supportive, very approachable and is always enthusiastic about any task at hand. As a member of the marketing team I have been involved in several projects with Ed where I have found him to be professional, hardworking and focussed. He has often gone above and beyond his role to support the wider team. Ed’s positivity is worth its weight in gold – a great guy and fantastic colleague.